Voyage LA Interview

Apr 27, 2018Press

Does hard work really pay off?

This is a question that I have asked myself during these first few months of solo entrepreneurship. The norm is working tirelessly and worrying constantly about achieving a steady flow of income. Without a doubt, many entrepreneurs can relate to this, especially when their business is young. When you’re featured in a magazine, online or physical, you finally feel a payoff.  So I am taking a moment to celebrate it!

I am proud to announce that in early March, I got featured in Voyage LA! Voyage LA is an online magazine that focusses on shedding light on small businesses, mom-n-pops, and hole-in-the-walls in the LA area. It was a wonderful experience and it gave me an avenue to give the world some insight into who I am, how I got started and learn about what I do for the community.