5 best features for non-profit websites

Jan 9, 2019Websites

When you’re a non-profit, there are some key features you need on your website to make it work for you. Let’s face it, having a pretty website that can’t help and fund your cause, just won’t do.

Here are some of my favorite features that I include in non-profit websites to help you get the best out your website.

Collect Donations

In my opinion, collecting donations is an absolute must for a non-profit website. The funds you need to run your non-profit needs to come from somewhere so why not give your website the capability help with that. There are various ways to achieve this and every modern website should be able to handle it. In another post I will talk about ways to do this, but for now it should be able to accept credit card donations as this is the quickest way to get your funds in.

Event Calendar

Most non-profits have events that happen, whether it be a recurring event or not. Your audience should be able to see what you have planned in the the months to come so they can begin preparing for them.

Event Registration

If you have events and you require event registration, your website should be able to allow registration. The time of paper registrations can be over if your website can do this. With the use of online registration forms that can also handle purchases will make your life much easier.

Collect Email Subscribers

Keeping your audience informed about future events, current findings, updates about the organization and much more by email can be really beneficial to your organizations growth. Sending out at least one email a week just to get your subscribers thinking about you is a great way to market yourself and broaden your network.

Member Registration

I have this last because not all non-profit organizations provide membership but if you do, your website is a great tool to register them and collect recurring subscription fees without hassle. If you love wordpress as I do, there are various plugins out there that can help you achieve this. Most of them do require a monthly or yearly fee but some of them are based on the number of members you have to start being charged. Either way it is well worth it. If you do not want to set up a whole member registration system, setting up your paypal or stripe account for recurring payments and linking them to your website is quick and simple way to achieve this.

So there you have it. These are my favorite features for your non-profit website. Questions? Ask away!